libopenmpt get separated audio data for each channel

Started by bass, January 21, 2020, 20:54:17

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Hi, I wanted to use libopenmpt in an android test project. I want to show an oscilloscope of the playing data for each channel. Is this possible with the library? I already read the dev doc, but could not find how to get the audio data for each channel.

My second question is how the latency is handled in the library if I want to show a tracker view with the current playing notes and current position.


Saga Musix

QuoteIs this possible with the library?
You can track the progress on this feature request here:

Quotehow the latency is handled in the library
Not at all, because libopenmpt is only a decoder and thus has no latency. Latency is a property of the playback layer that you put on top, not the decoder.
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OK, the ticket is from 2017, so it doesn't seem, that this feature will come soon...
Thank you anyway, I'll check the status of the ticket from time to time. Perhaps I can find another library with this feature.