Hello old friends.....

Started by thepsproject, August 14, 2019, 15:13:06

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Way back when many of you were very young, I was looking at hardware processors like all-in-one sequencers that cost around $1200 back in 1994. I didn't like them because they were mostly preprogrammed with synth melodies and I wanted individual note creation to make the melody truly mine. Then I discovered ModPlug Tracker which allowed me to do everything I wanted to do FOR FREE. I am forever indebted to Olivier Lapicque, LPChip, the coders that followed, and all of the crew and at
It changed my life.
Shout out to Sam Zen R.I.P. if you are old enough to know him and any of the OpenMpt crew before VST's....much respect, if you don't know what I'm talking about, just create great music because you have been given a gift for no money... nothing. Respect that.

Love and peace,
thepsproject/ tvdude
albums written in Windows XP
moved to Windows 10/ 64bit


Ello there, long time no see. :)

Welcome back. How're things nowadays?
"Heh, maybe I should've joined the compo only because it would've meant I wouldn't have had to worry about a damn EQ or compressor for a change. " - Atlantis
"yes.. I think in this case it was wishful thinking: MPT is makng my life hard so it must be wrong" - Rewbs