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Re: Impulse tracker format questions
« Reply #15 on: March 27, 2019, 23:06:56 »
Thanks for the elaborate answer.
XM compresses better than uncompressed IT because it uses delta samples, which generally compress better as they reduce the range of the input data (you see the sample principle being applied in the IT sample compression description).
Yes, my player loads .xm files so I am familiar with that, I meant to say that given the same kind of data, the Winrar algorithm works slightly better, which is expected I suppose. I have to dig into itsex.c a bit more before I make further comments on that subject.

Any IT file written in Impulse Tracker since 1997 or 1998 will use compressed samples unless the author explicitly disabled sample compression. So yes, that's a whole lot of files and I would consider any IT player without sample decompression to be incomplete and broken.
OpenMPT 1.21 is very old by now, so one of the main reason for not enabling enabling IT-compressed samples by default in OpenMPT is getting less and less relevant. I will consider enabling it by default at least for mono samples in the future, maybe also for stereo samples (given that more players have issues with those as there was no tracker that could save them before OpenMPT 1.21).
That's exactly what I needed to know, thank you. I guess it makes sense since the compression is lossless and the algorithm isn't unworldly complex.

That should keep me quiet for a while, especially since I have to work this weekend :(