"JackRouter" still present in Sound Card list after uninstalling JACK

Started by Some1NamedNate, March 02, 2019, 01:59:41

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I was using OpenMPT x64 (64-bit) when I uninstalled JACK. "JackRouter" was omitted from the device list after uninstallation. I switched to OpenMPT x86 (32-bit) (because my VST arsenal consists of mostly 32-bit plugins) a few days ago. And looking at the device list in the Sound Card menu after installing OpenMPT x86, lo and behold, "JackRouter" is still in the device list. I removed the JackRouter entry from mptrack.ini and still didn't work. :( How do I completely remove "JackRouter" from the device list?


This problem has nothing to do with OpenMPT itself. OpenMPT will only show those (ASIO in this case) devices, that are installed on your system (at the time OpenMPT is started or when the rescan device list button is pressed).

It looks like uninstalling Jack might not be enough to also remove JackRouter (according to http://jackaudio.org/faq/jack_on_windows.html). You might also have to unregister JackRouter manually.


Even when I clicked "rescan device list" repeatedly, "JackRouter" still stands, especially when i unregistered JackRouter.dll and uninstalled JACK.


This is a Jack problem. Please report it to the Jack/JackRouter developers. There is absolutely nothing OpenMPT can do if Jack does not remove itself properly from the system.

Saga Musix

To add to what manx said: OpenMPT does not blindly remember a list of audio device that are or were present on your system, in particular not between application restarts. The entries in mptrack.ini are just the settings that OpenMPT would apply if you switched back to that device, but they will stay in mptrack.ini regardless of the device driver being present or not. Hence, as long as a device is presented in the options dialog, it means that it is still registered in the system in some way or another. In particular, any other application that can handle that specific kind of audio driver (ASIO) will also see this device.

According to the website manx cited:

QuoteUse the provided uninstaller to install JACK from your machine. Note that because the 64-bit JackRouter had to be manually registered as described before, you'll have to unregister it as well. Use the following command to unregister the 64-bit JackRouter:

regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files (x86)\Jack v1.9.8\64bits\JackRouter.dll"
If you executed that command, it will only uninstall the 64-bit version of JackRouter. That is exactly what is written there. I can only guess but replacing "64bits" by "32bits" in the file path will probably unregister the 32-bit version as well.
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Never mind. All I did was delete any Registry entry related to JackRouter.