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Started by spacedrone808, February 09, 2019, 23:12:20

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Louigi Verona

It's a tradeoff. With your own solution - it's not as scalable and it is also very difficult to promote. On a platform like YouTube you plug your content into their recommendation system.

I mean, I don't know what your case is, but people don't normally get banned from Google, so this is definitely not normal or indicative of people's experiences.


Yeah, i'm definitely not normal person! :)

Louigi Verona

I didn't in any way say or imply anything about you or your character. I said these are not normal circumstances.


It's pretty normal for big corps.


Just updated mod archive. Removed some dups, sort thing up a bit.1472 mods after final clean up.
Also you can find working links on my webpage.

Previous link is no more.
Enjoy best mods ever.


Updated download link, added TT channel.
Also it'll be nice to change thread naming, but unfortunately i can't to that.


Not sure what that link is supposed to go to, but its not to a module archive site.


Quote from: n0cturn on December 04, 2023, 19:54:33Not sure what that link is supposed to go to, but its not to a module archive site.

I'm talking about first post in the thread.


Quote from: monsterovich on May 09, 2021, 11:21:55
Quote from: spacedrone808 on May 07, 2021, 06:22:02I was permanently banned on all ugly g platforms.

Why? You can try to use soundcloud instead, at least they don't ban people.

I suggest you post on Alonetone, especially in case link goes down
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