work openmpt123 with archived modules

Started by Sergey77, January 23, 2019, 14:51:46

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Hi there!
please tell me
How is it possible to work openmpt123 with zip or 7z archived modules?

Midori Mizuno

Calling OpenMPT123 with -h or --help switch brings you info about supported formats, and as you can see it can't read from archives

Saga Musix

openmpt123 does not support archived modules, you will have to first uncompress them using some other command-line tool.
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Also, I have currently no plans to make openmpt123 archive-aware.

If I did, it would probably (and reasonably so, in that case) be expected to support all kinds of weird (and ancient) archive formats, which would in turn demand a probably huge set of dependencies on various archive decompression libraries. I want to avoid going that route for the sake of simplicity and maintainability.

Midori Mizuno

Yeah, i agree with manx, that's an unnecessary bloat to me