OpenMPT source repository history rewrite 2018-12-20

Started by manx, December 20, 2018, 10:32:35

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On 2018-12-20, the OpenMPT developers have removed certain non-distributable files from the OpenMPT source code repository's ancient history. These files were never legally distributable in the first place, and thus need to be removed even from ancient history because this history is accessable by the very nature of how source code repositories work. Affected versions range from the first versions available up to and including around Distributed binary packages are not affected. Any packaged source tree snapshots that were ever distributed for either OpenMPT or libopenmpt are also not affected.

Users of subversion checkouts containing any of the above mentioned versions are advised to also re-checkout and re-apply their local changes. Users tracking any branches that are currently maintained, are not affected (this includes branches/libopenmpt-0.2.7386-beta20.3-secfix, branches/libopenmpt-0.2.7561-beta20.5-secfix, branches/OpenMPT-1.26, branches/OpenMPT-1.27, branches/OpenMPT-1.28, and trunk/OpenMPT), and can continue as if nothing happened.

However, due to the nature of how git works, this has caused ALL history (this includes master HEAD, all branch HEADS and all tags) of the git mirror of our subversion repository to change commit IDs. Any downstream users of our git repository have to re-clone and rebase their changes on top of the rewritten history.

We are sorry for the inconveniences caused by the history rewrite, however there is fundamentally no way around it.

manx, Saga Musix