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Started by newkgb, October 24, 2018, 00:27:54

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Hello. Another new person who screams to make Unreal music using .wav files. I have followed <-- this tutorial to prepare a file to import into UnrealEd. Problem is I can only save as .mptm project or export as .flac, ,mp3 etc.

The playback button is playing my song in the sample player and patterns tab.

I have download version of OpenMPT, which I would of thought has extra features, but I cannot select Compatibility Export to gain IT, S3M, XM or MOD extensions. Included is a screenshot.

What is happening? All the best.


Compatibility Export only works for XM and IT, by removing unsupported extensions from the formats. You need to change the Module type to either of them.

See Manual: Saving and exporting - Compatibility Export

Saga Musix

The relevant chapter of the manual would be Song Properties, as that is where you can change the song format to IT.

Compatibility export has nothing to do with converting to another format - it just removes certain features from IT and XM files, but that is not necessary in your case.
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Thanks for the replies. I'll give it about a week before replying so I've given it my best shot. I'll even show you all my workings?  :P