XMPlay vs OpenMPT sample problem

Started by KingWolf, October 08, 2018, 01:45:30

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Well hello, I've been working on a project that uses a large compilation of various SF2 files, samples and instruments. I've been stumped on this weird sample mapping problem for some time now. In OpenMPT the samples and instruments all play (wonderfully) as intended. However, when I open the created IT file with XMPlay, new instruments I add get wildly miss-mapped?(if that's even the correct term). I have a video showing the problem. If you would like me to send an IT file, Request at your own discretion, as this is a relativity large project. I am using XMPlay v3.8.2.3, and OpenMPT v1.27.09.00


Thing's I've tried

  • Cleaning up samples (Rearranged, optimized)
  • Different formats S3m, MOD, MPTM, IT
  • Different compatibility settings
Could this be a bug within OpenMPT's IT formatting? Or (perhaps more likely?) Is this a bug with XMPlay?

Saga Musix

Given the number of instruments you have and that you refer to SF2 instruments, I suppose you might be using more than 256 samples in that IT file, which - as far as I know - is not supported by XMPlay due to being a ModPlug hack and not an original IT feature.
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That would make sense, samples are in excess of 400. That explains a lot actually. Thanks for the info! I was not aware of the 256 sample limit