Export MIDI for a single instrument

Started by polymetric, May 17, 2018, 21:34:37

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I wanted to export a MIDI file from a module, of each individual instrument. The module has 42 instruments in total, so going through and selecting "Don't export" for each of the tracks (except the one I'm exporting), and then repeating that 42 times seems a little redundant. Is there any way to do this faster? Should I submit a feature request?

Saga Musix

You can mute and solo instruments from the tree view. These settings also apply during export.

Edit: This only answers the question in the topic title, not the extended question in the post. Simply put there is no way to generate one MIDI file per instrument, but each instrument is written to its own MIDI track, so you can already import them separately in e.g. REAPER, and I am sure that any other good DAW will also import them into separately editable tracks.
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Thanks, I never noticed the tree view. I was trying to figure out how to get to something like that.