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Started by bvanoudtshoorn, September 23, 2009, 09:26:12

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alright, some more color schemes by me.
madtracker 2 platinum is the one i currently use mostly. (with enable effect highlighting option unchecked)

(includes a modification of one of built-in color schemes by jmkz)
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Can't see shit, sir is the best :) , anyway for your trackers based themes collection, found one mine, based on Famitracker.


that "cant see shit sir" color scheme is basically made for fun :P
also some of the color schemes i made are my own original colors, such as "space machinery" which is based on my profile picture (which i made myself)
Flashy was here..


Slava Ukraine !!!


Hello, folks!

I'm David Egan, aka SgtPepperArc360, and I am new to the OpenMPT forum. I've been using OpenMPT for nearly 10 years, which makes me an experienced user.
I made three color schemes for OpenMPT and I think you might really like them!

Futuristic 504 B
A color scheme based on the "Blue" color scheme, but with the "Basic Colors" swatches.

Saturday 552 B
Strongly resembles the "Saturday" color scheme from FamiTracker.

Cyberpunk 594 B
My most recent color scheme.
Similar to my "Futuristic" color scheme, but it actually uses futuristic colors.

The image codes unfortunately don't work.
What do you think?

Saga Musix

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Greetings to all of you here in the OpenMPT forum-raft, newcomer (albeit not so much a newbie in tracker music in general) JWPH speaking. Here goes one of my original color scheme packs, which is more or less based on Rajarin Tokairi's webcomic Welcome to the New Age, especially the colors of the six main characters and their respective deities, of which they have their own special schemes, of course.

The pack:


BK palette.pngBlack Knight
The my *Volcanic* palette
I'm the BLACK KNIGHT. I'm designing Text-Based GUI, see my header hacks