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tracker samples from long ago
« on: September 02, 2017, 18:40:40 »
Greetings, I have been trying to find samples I was using about 15 years ago, they were uploaded on site of this tracker or octamed tracker, I do not recall, they were sample packs with wav or aiff sounds, I am not sure, some of the packs I recall; piano1, piano2, analog bass, digital bass, there were also packs with techno rhythms and some ethnic instruments, I think there was one with american instruments and one with australian, there was at least a dozen of these packs, they were all from the same series and free, they were practically on the front page of the tracker website, if anyone has any recollection of this I would be eternally grateful to be able to find and use these samples again, I did my first songs with them, back in 2002, I had the songs recorded on some tape I lost unfortunately, now I m trying to find those sample packs again, there were actually quite a few amazing sounds there.
If anyone can help, thank you
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Re: tracker samples from long ago
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Possibly WaveWorld or Kiarchive? They were rather popular around that time. You can download those samples from
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