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Started by Wodd, July 06, 2017, 17:55:09

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I attempted to compile revision 8443 of the code, but received many errors. Most of them were related to LAME and I have fixed them. But, I am left with 2 that I do not know what to do with. They appear to be the same error, but it is there twice for reasons unknown. It reads as follows:
Severity   Code   Description   Project   File   Line   Suppression State
Error   MSB3073   The command "..\..\build\wine\build_wine_support.cmd ..\obj\vs2015\OpenMPT-WineWrapper\x86_64\Release\ ..\..\bin\release\vs2015-static\x86-64-win7\
:VCEnd" exited with code 1.   OpenMPT-WineWrapper   C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V140\Microsoft.CppCommon.targets   133
Am I missing a required SDK? Perhaps I need an updated version of the Windows SDK.
The revision that I actively use is 7518. But, I have read about a fair amount of changes and figured that I would update the revision. But, I have the hurdle mentioned above and I am unsure how to overcome it. I searched for Wine in the manual; but, it was not found.
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Having 7-zip installed in the default path is required to build the Wine integration zip archive.
7-zip installed in the default path also allows running build/download_externals.cmd which downloads and puts into place the ASIO SDK, the VST SDK and Lame.

In any case, even if Lame and/or Wine integration is not built, the resulting mptrach.exe is fully working, just without MP3 encoding and/or native Wine host audio device support.


Thank you for the reply, manx. I will install 7-Zip and see what that does.
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Saga Musix

If you are not interested in building those components but want to get rid of the errors, another way might be to simply unload the lame and OpenMPT-WineSupport projects in Visual Studio's solution explorer. That way the build will also be slightly faster, obviously.
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It looks like installing 7-Zip was sufficient. I got an output of 21 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped. That is good. Thank you, manx and Saga Musix.
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