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Started by mduque, December 29, 2016, 10:21:28

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I would like to develop my own version to automatically open with VST Instrument in full screen. I would like to distribute it without the code. Is it possible? How to obtain the permission?


Saga Musix

First off, from what I understand it is impossible what you want to do - the VST plugin tells the host (i.e. OpenMPT) how big its window should be, not the other way around - the host cannot simply resize plugin GUIs.
Apart from that, the OpenMPT source code is available under the BSD license, which means you can do almost anything you want with it. However, if you really want to provide your own fork, you are kindly asked to rename it to something other than "OpenMPT".
» No support, bug reports, feature requests via private messages - they will not be answered. Use the forums and the issue tracker so that everyone can benefit from your post.


Also note that OpenMPT uses a whole bunch of external libraries which are required for full functionality. You also have to comply with their licenses if you also include them.

Also, why do you actually want to do your own version instead of contributing to OpenMPT? (not that anyone could stop you with what you intend to do, but I am just curious about the reasons)


I mean something like the image attached but a bit different:

I want to distribute a hardware that automatically opens in a Vst instrument window. I do not want other people to copy the modification of the software. If this is not possible then I will distribute also the code with it. If necessary  I will change the name of the application and of course maintaining the copyright.


Why not share the code and contribute to the project?


Yes ... I think is better to share ...  ;)