[Synthpop] - Bid farewell to silence (MP3) Dark feelings

Started by Andy Livid, January 22, 2006, 07:18:53

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Andy Livid

It's my first synthpop song where I added vocals to it. This one is more dark than others, it has slower beat and melodic synth-lines.

Song name: Bid farewell to silence
Genre: synthpop
File format: mp3
File size: 5,68 MB
Kbps: 160

Link to download:


There are many other good songs made with ModPlug Tracker on my artist page:


Thank you!

Andy Livid

Yeah, I'm just raising this song up on the forum. ;) I think this is one of my own favourites right now. It was the first song I ever made with vocals. Any opinions about this? Thank you! :D


I think I downloaded all of your tracks a while ago. From what I remember they were all good. The mood seemed to be quite dark all over. Enjoyable listening. I'm listening to Bid Farewell To Silence now. I like the powerful vocals. The music reminds me of ... Depeche Mode, I think. Just keep on creating music, and I'll listen, do not doubt about that.