Winamp-Plugin: Rendering the fileinformation in the winamp-GUI

Started by mcos36, July 30, 2015, 14:19:11

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Dear Sir,

i've found your Software and especially the winamp-Plugin based on the libopenmpt. I wont to ask the developer, if it is possible to set the fileinformation-Window (Alt + 3) in the Winamp-GUI-Style with a vertical scrollbar. That would be very nice.



Winamp-styled? Probably not possible, at least I have currently no plans on investigating how to do that.
Scrollable? Yes. I just made that info box scrollable in r5427, which should appear in about an hour at This will at least provide the possibility of accessing the whole message for longer text and on smaller screens.

Saga Musix

Regarding the Winamp style, there are plans to make in_openmpt the new default input plugin for Winamp one day, in which case they would probably take over the old dialog and combine it with the new plugin. Stay tuned.
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Thanks for the information and the scrollbar-fix. I will check it out, when the fix is published.