SDCompo - 10 years - 100 Rounds!

Started by organic io, April 22, 2016, 08:15:24

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organic io

At SDCompo, we are celebrating 10 years, and our 100th round is currently in progress. It features a large selection of vst's and samples to get your song going.

And, for the first time ever, PRIZES will be awarded to the winners!

TAL has graciously offered licences for 3 of its products: TAL-Sampler, TAL-U-NO-LX and TAL-BassLine-101.

There will also be a pair of headphones awarded to one winner, and possibly more prizes!

The deadline for entry is May 29th 2016.

To enter, head over to

If you want to hear some of the great songs that have come out over the years, check out the 10 year anniversary DJ mix I did.

Soundcloud if you want a timeline view and mp3 download:

Or, it's up on the Internet Archive if you want a high quality lossless flac download:

Hope to see you there!

-organic io & the SDCompo team

Saga Musix

Quick feedback/questions...

It would be nice if the samplepack was downloadable without having to register to make people (me) more interested and removing the login barrier.

The rules have probably not been updated in a while, but is there any specific reason why e.g. XRNS and MT2 are allowed but not OpenMPT's own format (MPTM)? Technically people are encouraged to use it rather than XM or IT if they want to use plugins.

QuoteInternal Tracker synthesis and drawn samples are prohibited.
QuotePersonally recorded samples performed by yourself are accepted!
Is "drawing a sample" not equal to "performing by yourself"? :)
What does "performed by yourself" include, anyway? Vocals are mentioned but what about e.g. recording (self-made) patches from a synthesizer? What if they are one-shots or entire sequences, etc.?
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Also, I can use a microphone, record any noise sound with it, including me stomping it, then edit that sample by adding a loop to it, cut the rest and have a chip sound. Its more work but I can create the sounds I could otherwise get with a synthesizer simply because I know how a waveform works. for example, if I have a simple nearly sine wave, and I amplify its sound by 1000 times or so, eventually its a square wave. if I then cut it properly a few times, I have the filtered square waves I always use in my chiptunes.
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"6. Only Samplepack contents accepted
Personally recorded samples performed by yourself are accepted!
Vocal samples are accepted!
Copyrighted material or sounds you do not have permission to use are not allowed."

This actually has me a bit confuse. It almost sounds like there is little reason NOT to use the sample pack. Maybe I don't fully understand copyright but some of my samples are purchased and I'd assume I've got permission to use them which isn't to forget other public domain and the iffy non-commercial use stuff. Even though it's trivial to create an account I do find it a bit annoying that we need to do so to look at the sample pack.

Don't quite grasp #6 but better safe than sorry and actually seems more trouble than it's worth not to use sample pack.
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