Where can I find Upright Bass Slap samples?

Started by NekarXenos, August 15, 2015, 04:16:45

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I have searched everywhere I can imagine and I haven't found a sample of an Upright Bass (Double Bass/ Contra Bass) slap.
It sounds totally different from a normal slap bass - it sounds more like a "click".

My bandwidth prevents me from downloading Gbs of samplepacks. Does anyone know where I can get such a sample?


I'm pretty sure Spectrasonics Trilian has one. Not sure if that's what you're looking for though.
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You're right. I think for that price, I could get a real-life band to play the piece.

I should have mentioned that I am looking for a free sample :)

Saga Musix

You could try the BBC Philharmonia free orchestral samples pack* at https://archive.org/download/orchestral_samples - the "STRINGS" archive has some contrabass samples - the "arcocollegnobattuto" folder could be what you are looking for, if I'm not mistaken.

* This sample pack is advertised on our "Top Picks" page which can be reached through the "Web Resources" entry in OpenMPT's Help menu - go check it out for more interesting sample sources!
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