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Getting the standard DirectX DMO effects to work in OpenMPT on Wine


Saga Musix:
Note: Starting from OpenMPT 1.27, this workaround is no longer required. All standard DMOs are emulated right within OpenMPT without the need to install anything.

This has been asked a couple of times (not necessarily on this forum), so I thought I should probably write this down in a place where people can find it. So here goes:

It's really simple. Run winetricks dsdmo, restart OpenMPT, and you're done! Now your modules with DMO effects will sound just the same as they did on Windows.

Caveat: This currently only works with the 32-bit version of OpenMPT. If you have access to a 64-bit Windows machine, you may able to obtain a 64-bit copy of dsdmo.dll from that machine for the 64-bit version of OpenMPT, though.

Cool! +1

This will definitely come in handy, I'm sure of it! ^.^


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