Logic behind import / export keys , setup wont hold

Started by topit, July 26, 2014, 11:59:16

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I want clean line of keys from my keyboard for every note of three octaves but somehow setup seems always to reset them to default ones, perhaps it happens after restarting computer? And when i import previously exported keys,  they give default setup, not modified one. Newest export seems to give the right keys, but will it stay so after i restart computer. I have to modify keys each time because i cannot trust to multi config handling or setup to stay where i want it to.

Saga Musix

The default key set will always be added to your (modified) configuration as long as it doesn't clash with any custom key bindings. This happens so that everyone always has access to the latest added shortcuts/features, and so that it's simpler to give instructions based on shortcuts on the forums. This won't apply to note keys, only all other key shortcuts. OpenMPT doesn't care about how often your computer, the default keys are loaded on top of any keybinding on startup or when loading that key binding from file.
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