Xmplay or openmpt significant playback difference/error [file provided]

Started by Big Kev, January 15, 2014, 05:26:17

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Big Kev

Hi, I've got a sample that plays considerably differently from openmpt to xmplay. By the way my openmpt settings are on default and xmplay is set to no surround, sensitive ramping and sinc interpolation.

The wub-wub sound is considerably higher in pitch. I've isolated it in the link below.
Could anyone please tell me if they can reproduce it, or what might be suggested to fix the problem. I understand that module players often have variations in the ability to play effects, but this is only a sample note with no effects. Also the high pitched drum thing in another channel also sounds different.

Thanks in advance!

Saga Musix

The "higher pitched" stuff you hear are interpolation artefacts caused by different interpolation algorithms used in XMPlay and OpenMPT. If you don't want to rely on those (you shouldn't), you can upsample the sample at the wanted octave (e.g. C-0 at 44KHz) so that no such extreme downsampling has to be performed by the player.
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