Author Topic: unfa - the maker of "Jooze" album - is back!  (Read 1775 times)

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unfa - the maker of "Jooze" album - is back!
« on: November 04, 2013, 09:16:08 »
Hi everyone!

It's been five years since I made "Jooze".
Several major things happened in my life since then:

- I switched to Linux
- I started making music with LMMS
- I've made an album with it
- I've established my own website
- I've learned a lot and made a whole lotta music
- I've got a wonderful girlfriend  ;)
- I've got a new album coming up

I've started making all sounds with synths (or just one synth - ZynAddSubFX)including drums. It took me some years to learn it but I think it was worth the ride. It's amazing to see the old posts and music I've put here yeras ago. My life has changed do much since then.

If you want to follow me and see what I do, you can also get in touch via Facebook.

I'd like to thank MODPlug Tracker for being a good part of my life.
Bless ya!
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my music Right now. I'am working with OpenMPT on Ubuntu. Just a bit harder... but still possible and I'am happy about this :)