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Started by Louigi Verona, April 13, 2006, 06:32:10

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Louigi Verona

This is an old tune of mine, not many know it. It is sad and quite lovely :)



not bad man. i like the downbeat nature of it :wink:
Sometimes in order to see the light you have to risk the dark.

Louigi Verona

Matt Hartman

The piece is very staccato. Perhaps too much in my opinion.

The composition is nice and moody, yet the choice of samples could be more select depending on your preferences on sound.

Personally, I feel this song is working towards a great piece. Yet, it could be revised and made to really capture what it sounds like you're trying to capture and encapsulate your art. Right now, it seems as if you are letting the tracker dictate what you can do instead of dictating to the tracker what you are going to do.

My suggestions are the following: (if not interested, disregard)

-work on dynamics and note delays
-try letting some notes be legato
-work on unsteady tempos (like that of a real player)
-choose better quality samples.

I could tell you some techniques that would allow you to use just two samples that would push a wide array of variance out of just these two samples. But that's more work and time than most people are willing to invest.

Instead, it's more efficient to seek out good quality samples that offer clean multisampled, samples.  

Overall, great effort and creativity, but your technicals are falling behind which is stopping me from soaking up the full grandeur thereof.
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