MED Soundstudio compatibility

Started by zizek, June 28, 2013, 12:12:26

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I'd love to use ModPlug tracker because it has so many features. Unfortunately it doesn't seem fully compatible with my MED modules. When I open a song it displays and plays ALL the tracks from the start but some blocks (patterns) did not employ all tracks and yet there are notes appearing as if from nowhere that are not in the original music.

I've tried altering various play settings and options but can't get a MED module to play correctly. My music was created and saved in Med Soundstudio v2.

Saga Musix

Depending on the MED version, support is rather flaky and the individual MED formats are all very different from each other and not documented very well... From my experience, import should work best if the MED file is in the "MMD0" format. I have no idea whether it's possible "downgrade" a MED file that way, though.
I can try hacking the MED loader based on your files, but I'm not very familiar with the format and the MED loader should be rewritten completely anyway, so I'm not sure if it's worth the effort.
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