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Finding out which plugins are used by a module


Saga Musix:
Harbinger wanted an application to check which plugins are used by his modules. It was reported on the issue tracker, but that place is not supposed to be a Swiss army knive for all wishes that have remotely something to do with OpenMPT, so the issue was closed.
However, I have written a little application that can scan modules for plugin names. To run it, simply copy both "readplugs.exe" and "run.cmd" into a folder that contains some modules, and run "run.cmd". The program also requires the VS2010 runtime. Sourcecode is included as well. Obviously this is a console application - don't ask me to do a GUI version or whatever - I don't have the time for that.

Edit: Change the content of run.cmd to the following to automatically generate a file called plugins.txt which contains all plugin names (instead of printing them on the console):

--- Code: ---@echo off
del plugins.txt
for /R %%F in (*.*) do (echo %%F & readplugs.exe "%%F" >> plugins.txt )
--- End code ---

Not on the internet at home, and i cannot download the dependency (probably because MicroSoft assumes i want it installed on the computer from which i'm downloading).
So if you or anyone else can improve on this package and make it easy to download the program, feel free to post alternatives here.
(But thanks for the effort, I appreciate it. And sorry, i didn't even think of making the request here...)

Saga Musix:

--- Quote from: Harbinger on February 16, 2013, 19:41:31 ---probably because MicroSoft assumes i want it installed on the computer from which i'm downloading).

--- End quote ---
I don't see how that would make a difference. Anyway, here's a direct download link to the runtime:

Thanks. Got everything. I'll take it home and see what i can do with it. I might even be able to create a BASIC GUI wrapper for it if it's not to difficult to manipulate.

Thanks. And i knew all along you were skilled enough to create the programming equivalent of a little tune for this job....

saga is one of the greatest guys on the planet.

how many people would do what he did?

foundation of heaven, guys and gals like that.


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