[industrial/symphonic hybrid] coma, visceral

Started by hellscion, April 13, 2006, 14:19:56

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and industrial-tribal techno. um...yea, new styles of music. believe me...i've put lots and lots of work into developing this style, however...more than likely though you won't know what to think of it until you've heard it a few times. personally...most of my favorite musicians sounded like that to me the first time i heard them. i know some of you here can also say that...well, anyways...here's the songs:



coma is the industrial-tribal one and visceral is the cross between classical/symphonic and industrial or breakbeat. tell me what you think....
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Well I told you what I think on AIM, so to anyone else reading this, check those songs out if you like industrial, or even if you are curious. If you can only get one, get visceral, super low synth action going on.
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