quad surround tutorial?

Started by moltres_rider, October 21, 2012, 14:58:27

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you have mentioned quad surround before... but is there a tutorial to accomplish this??? if not, can one be written?

Saga Musix

There's not much to be told about Quad Surround.
- Enable Quad Surround in the Sound Card options. Obviously you need a soundcard with at least four outputs for it to work. I have only tried this with an ASIO driver long ago, I dunno how easy this is to set up with other drivers.
- Enable surround (S91) on a channel to move it to the rear channels. In the default mode, you can only have "center surround", i.e. S91 moves the channel to the center of the rear channels, normal panning commands or S90 move it back to the front channels.
- Use the command S9B to enable Quad Surround panning (instead of Center Surround). In this mode, you can move a channel to the rear channels using S91 and then pan in the rear channels using normal panning commands. S90 brings a channel back to the front channels.
Obviously this is very coarse, since you can't pan between front and rear without some tricks.
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