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[VGM] sun+glasses (.mp3) my first song
« on: December 08, 2019, 19:35:14 »
Hey fellas, I made this with OpenMPT. Had to learn a bunch of stuff to get something listenable. And even then, there's so much more one can learn and do with this software. Sheesh, talk about intimidating...

Well, the version of MPT I have came with a sample song called "GameTheme" by one WouterVL. It had a tempo style that I wanted to use. also, I still don't know how to make samples that sound great, so I just took the samples from his track :P
Something that comes to mind when I listwen to it is that the track is very short. I don't know how to make it any longer without turning it into something completely different, so I just looped it once and called it a day. Very lazy if I do say so myself.

Anyways, I'd love to listen to any feedback about the track. If there are any tips or suggestions you'd like to throw at me let them come! It's basically the reason I'm posting it here.

Cheers, and thanks for listening.
mp3 + mptm link: