Please help! Newbie here!

Started by attacknewt, February 02, 2012, 05:51:56

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Okay, so i'm an experienced multi-instrumental musician who's recently gotten into old-school electronic stuff, and i'm new to trackers so forgive the next few newbish questions that i may ask.

First off, how do i stop MPT from automatically shifting the pitch of my drum samples? I can't even recognize them! Is there any way to just load it in and have it KEEP IT at whatever pitch the original WAV was at?

I'm trying to use the following samples:

Once again, i'm new to this. There may also be a few more questions after this one is answered. :P


Saga Musix

Sounds like you're using the MOD file format. The MOD format has a fixed C-5 frequency of 8363 Hz (+/- a few semitones). Use a more modern file format such as MPTM or IT to avoid this problem.
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