Slight Scale Issues ^^;

Started by kitsunibii, July 02, 2011, 04:39:12

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Okay hey guys, well first let me say that im used to the basic tracking system, you know like IT, Famitracker, most chiptrackers really, Madtracker ect. though i must admit some of the stuff in Modplug has made me scratch my head a few times. For instance i ran into a slight confusion recently while installing the newest version, it seems when i load in a sample, vsti, or soundfont, it has a wierd scale when playing. What i mean to say is where all the other trackers i used in the past mapped every note in a normal format, like qwerty  where Q-P was equal to the major keys of C-E and so on, well when i try to use any sort of instrument in OMPT it has this wierd semitone like scale, the notes are alll over the place, like q-] has a half or semitone like system, the minor keys have the same issue, except they play random octave both high and low, and all in all its rather frustrating and confusing, if theres a way to tune it back to normal or something please tell me, i havent found any info on this before, though i have read that it happens to soundfonts, which im not using.

Thank you- Kitsunibii


Ah, the default keymap.

Since you know IT, I recommend to load the Impulse Tracker keypreset file. Go to the setupscreen, key-preset manager, and load a custom keyset.
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Saga Musix should probably mention that the additional keymaps can be found in the folder where you installed OpenMPT to, namely in the sub folder "extraKeymaps".
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