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Started by Ansollis, September 12, 2013, 05:44:07

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I am willing to bet that there are some tutorials out there that walk through using VST plugins with OpenMPT. The few I found are not extensive enough. If anyone is willing to post links to good tutorials, that would be amazing, because right now when I put a plugin on a channel, it just makes the already tracked samples quieter and doesn't change the sound. Thanks in advance!

Saga Musix

That sounds like you're trying to use a VST instrument and not an effect. Have you read the manual on this topic at all?
You need to create an instrument that is link to your VSTi plugin!
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Okay, I looked at the first of those tutorials and I think I know how to modify my sounds enough to not need plugins for a while. And yes the plugins I were using were instrument plugins. Thank you for the help. I may ask more questions once I get to needing (maybe I won't need to) to use plugins.