Three Solo Pieces for Fender Mustang, GR-20, and Software in 12 Equal

Started by uncloned, June 09, 2011, 03:34:33

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I did a series of improvisations and went for a full band sound but only used my Fender Mustang guitar and the GR-20 Midi interface plus computer software.

Online play and song pictures


"The Tar Under my Feet" => A blues rock piece for Fender Mustang with Guitar Rig 4, GR-20 Piano, GR-20 driven bass and drums.

"A Helpless Peach" A Progressive Jazz piece for Fender Mustang, GR-20 Piano, GR-20 driven bass and drums.

"When the Volga Runs Dry" a new age classical piece for Fender Mustang, Pianoteq Piano, and Requiem Soprano.

kit beats

Hey uncloned, you really rocked it again with that fender guitar @ the tar under my feet. ! i love it great tune and the slidin with the drums just eased me down while smokin this cigar :)
"get the piece sounding pristine." - KrazyKats
..Like this one, definatly got the Sam Zen
individuality in it... - Asharin