Galaxies - a graphical/musical app based on Conway's Game of Life

Started by Louigi Verona, November 04, 2010, 10:52:25

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Louigi Verona

Galaxies is not your typical Game of Life software. While in most programs of that sort you can draw your own configurations and try them out, this application is more for observation, thought and aesthetic pleasure.

Basically, you get to lean back and watch a peculiar 2D universe evolve, live its busy life and die, listening to a droning ambient soundtrack, a distant signal from depths of space. Apart from watching, the program does allow you to interfere a bit, plus there are several curious modes which go beyond usual Game of Life simulations.
The program features a 30 minute soundtrack and is available for GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows. Source code is available as well.

Louigi Verona

Hey guys! Did anyone look at this? Any thoughts? Liked it/hated it?


Mmm, I like it.... Is hipnotic, even more with the music... Space traveling...

Louigi Verona

Hey guys - same link, but major update. Added lots of stuff, a lot of shapes and functionality + the look + expanded soundtrack by one tune.



Hey Louigi,

Always a treat when you make a soundtrack.

Downloading em and will listen to it at leisure so I can pass comment.

Cheers for now.
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