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Started by Didgeboy287, March 20, 2006, 00:18:23

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First time poster, long time tracker.

I've been tracking with modplug off and on for maybe 2 or 3 years now and this is the first time I've actually had a website to use to post my songs.  I got started too late for the earlier method where the mpt site itself would store the music.  Anyway, tell me if the way I'm posting this even works.  Whether you hate the song or not, I want to know I'm at least doing this part right.
As to the song, this is one I'm pretty proud of.  I guess you could call it happy hardcore . . . but it's more happy than hardcore.  It's not even my current version where I used some magix loops.  Still I like it, despite the cheesy fade to black.  
This should be the direct link: http://www.sneakerpops.com/files/Happy_Go_Techno.wma
If that doesn't work, try here and then right click the link:
Comments are always welcome . . . let me rephrase that.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.


Squirrel Havoc

Holy crap, 20 megs?! I hope this is good! :)

Wow, you definatley have a unique style. Maybe too unique for my tastes, this song is cool, buuuuuuuuuut it doesn't jump out and go "hey, listen to me!". But then I've never been much on happy music. The sound quality is really good, and I like the stereo positioning.

What kind of attitude were you going for? It seems like you might have been on drugs that make you smile when you made it :)  :lol:
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Ha ha, no I was not on drugs . . . when I wrote the song.  Sorry about the file size.  I need to reload my songs as mp3s instead of wma's.  I appreciate the feedback though.  I've been waiting to post here for a long time.  I'll love to hear back from you Squirrel and everyone else.  Thanks again.
Comments are always welcome . . . let me rephrase that.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.




this song is in "WMA" format and i was wondering if you can convert it or somehow make it an mp3. i'd be happy to listen to it in MP3 format only. :)




I stopped using the mp3-format because of future developments, so I promote the use of the .ogg-format, which is open-source by the way.

I just converted this .wma file with JetAudio to an .ogg-file, variable bitrate, average 192 Kbps : 3.7 Mb.
With even a slight improvement in some sound-qualities, like dynamics and stereo.

As for the content : Quite a safe choice of sounds, but it should be happy, no tension, so fine by me, but



Bass, happy techno song. Kinda reminds me of a walk in the park.


Much to say about this song. It's very full, even at the beginning where most songs fail to get my attention. I love the bass.

  After about 3 seconds some neat organ stutters come on which gives it a sort of jazzy/techno feel. Then a few interesting flute things start playing which i guess makes it a happy song; it worked :P. I must say though, the middle and end are very noisy. Maybe change that around somehow.


Ah, where this is so great. I couldn't hear a single snap! or crackle! or pop! So many high quality samples chosen. My samples are crap and anyways, I've stopped making music myself so I'm starting to review. So anyways, as I've said before, the middle and end samples chose get too noisy, kinda rave. Not so great in this song.


I give this piece a 7.5. What I would have liked to see, were more quiet samples in the middle and end, maybe a little more length added to it and a little more bass :) Good luck in next songs!
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