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Tempo in MPT

Started by Fleshbits, January 27, 2011, 00:36:28

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I am trying to remix some of my old tracker tunes in other software. I haven't used this thing in ages. The help file no longer works on my OS. Can someone explain the tempo and ticks per beat to me? I can't seem to get the tempo correct in both softwares.

For example, the song I am currently working on has in the global params,
initial tempo: 142
ticks per row: 3
restart: 0
most patterns have 128 rows

I need to translate that over to Reaper, where I can set BPM and Time Signature.


In modplug, press player and aprox real BPM.

Ant btw, why aren't you using modplug anymore?


Limitation of 16 bit and a general desire to learn more software.

Almost all the tracker databases are gone and everyone charges for samples these days. The main draw I had to tracking was that I could analyze other peoples tunes, patterns, samples, etc. and then get creative from there. With all that gone and general greed on the internet, I went and laid down some cash for some modern software. I ended up buying NI Komplete 6 and using Reaper as a host. I believe I could use samples from my new soft synths in Modplug Tracker if I choose to, but they generally seem to sound better in Reaper, maybe the 16 bit limitation. I do miss tracking and especially miss being able to look at other people's projects. I'll still keep it around and play with it from time to time. I am still looking at all my old xm files and analyzing my favorites for new creative ideas.

When I get time, I am going to host all my old xm files and samples on my own web site, greed free.


You won't be able to convert this to a proper speed in another tracker because according to your settings you would need approximately: 284 BPM, where 250 is the highest available.

To explain the ticks and speed settings.

Each row in the tracker is defined by invisible ticks. The more ticks there are in a row the slower the playback will be, because each tick lasts for the same amount of time. The speed then finetunes how fast things are going. To have an approximate BPM, the best way is to do as if you use 6 ticks per row. If you have 6 ticks per row, the tempo then is nearly the same as the BPM value.

Alternatively, you could change the song properties and set it to modern tempo. That should allow you to get a real BPM value. It might break your song though, which would mean that you need to make some changes to make it sound properly again (tempowise, but also some effects (Xxx) can suffer from this)
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I ended up using some manual guessing and set BPM to 142 with every row equating to a 32nd note. That seemed to least close enough.