Question: how to pick a note hearing all the row.

Started by vicktech, September 30, 2010, 21:54:49

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Quote from: "Rakib"Thanks for the function, found it quite interesting.
You can have more.
Above is only small demonstration of what should it be ideally.

And I believe it should the way it once was:

When you press key and insert a note, the whole row's content is played by activating play routine.
If you release key before quant is played, autoscroll happens to the next row, according to the row-step.
If you continue to hold key, play rotinue is continued, and you hear all notes consequently.
When you release key, the note-mute can be inserted either automaticly or by key.
When you release key, play routine is stopped and program waits for your next action.
If you insert one note after another - one note can automaticly mute previous note.
You can insert silence as well, for seamless going through pattern.
Silence is sound too.  When musician gets it - he(or she) is one step closer to the professional.
This is how it supposed to work.
This approach combines launching of many routines simultaneously and stopping them also, and my require sophisticated programming methods.

There can be idea of making track-play like midi sequencing, when overlapping notes do not mute each other.
Also speed and sounding control with supporting slowing sound effects, and sound generally, without changing frequency, is too advanced for current hardware and software customs.

What we try to achieve is ease of writing music.
And it is very good, especially for tracker music, because for drums+solo+bass pattern it is exactly what needed.

There are two common ways of writting music: experimenting with pattern, and "from mind to pattern" way.
In both of them requested feature will be the most natural and thus helpful as it just always musted be.

There also are many reality shifting ideas I have, but they require specially designed hardware, computers, and totally new way of programming.

one more thing I should notice:
Instrument number should be inputing by pressing one key instead of two, and autoscroll supported by exactly the same way as in our idea for notes.
Same for all other parameters.
By doing that one can play very atomic jungle just by intellectually clicking on his keyboard, or invoke interesting effects by filling other parameters.
Instruments can be represented by hex number, but even better if it is done by letters like 0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO...
One key - One symbol - One quant of sound = closer to WhatYouHearIsWhatYouGet.