Solved: How to isolate common sound from two sound patterns?

Started by WIFT, September 14, 2010, 13:05:50

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Quote from: "uncloned"Can you explain the technique a bit?
The plugin is quite easy to understand just at the first sight:

And it does what it says. Think of "vocal" as the central material that is the same in both left and right channel. You can define the style of vocal and other parameters, for the drum sequence I set the "Vocal Style" as "Bass" which gave me best results. There is still something unwanted, but it is almost inaudible (can be heard only using good speakers or headphones). But it's the best result I get. Of course the result always depends on how the vocals are positioned, but in my situation I was pretty sure that the drum sequence is precisely the same in both channels and perfectly aligned.

I think the best teacher here is the trial-and-error method. The plugin can be used without activation (here called "authorization"), you just get warning message every time it is used. Maybe it has a time limitation, I don't know, I used it just few times. Can be downloaded here.



At that page I found the vocal erasure for my version (audio studio 9)

Next is to try it out. This could be really great!