Author Topic: [undefined yet] Superannuated baby (.mod) insane sounds  (Read 2203 times)

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[undefined yet] Superannuated baby (.mod) insane sounds
« on: September 01, 2010, 21:07:33 »
(Please, help me find the name of this style.)
Okay, I'm going to present you one of my very old MODs, in my opinion the best from that time where there was a number 1995 in our calendar. Yeah, this baby is 15 now and it is superannuated baby (name of the song is not new, i named it when I created it 15 years ago, which is about half of my life actually). (2:33, looped, for better experience set pan separation to max. 33).

This one will definitely "tear your ears apart two rounds about your head". No minors, no majors, just a simple (maybe already known) rhythm and sound causing madness that you won't like, or will love (after listening for a few times ;-).

About the technical quality: of course, it is an old 4-channel MOD (created in old ModEdit) using 8-bit samples with not really properly set loops and almost no effects (if any). The default stereo efect is utilized, but it is generally better to set pan separation to low value (I use 33 in XMPlayer).

I just wanted to show you my best (in my opinion) part after about two years of tracking experience during attending something that is called high schol in English. I am pretty sure that I am not able to create something like this nowadays. Now I prefer to do something much more melodic and straightforward (which do not necessarily means better) ;-). I think you may ask: if this is the best, what the hell is the worst? Trust me, you don't want to listen that :) (unfortunately those MODs are in silicon hell already, I didn't save every file I created during my tracking startup, which I honestly regret now).

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[undefined yet] Superannuated baby (.mod) insane sounds
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2010, 04:44:30 »
i've sensed a lot of Arcane reference here :)
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