Author Topic: [DUPE] Channel-Instrument Lock  (Read 3871 times)

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[DUPE] Channel-Instrument Lock
« on: August 26, 2010, 21:41:59 »
I'd like to be able to set a channel restriction so that each channel automatically enters its assigned instrument, no matter what the Main instrument is (the one showing in the Pattern Editor's Instrument field).
Not only will this help me keep my tracks organized, as a classical composer it helps me in another way: many times i am transcribing old manuscripts into MPT, entering one note on a beat for each part. I can autojump to the next CHANNEL after entering my note on one row by using Record-Select, but i have to reset to the next instrument. If i can lock the channel to input only one instrument all i have to do is enter one note for each channel at the beat that i'm on.

This function i'm sure can easily be called from a context menu, but i'd love to see it in the Channel Manager as well.

Edit: Moved to the issue tracker:
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