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Squirrel Havoc:
Before you are asking a question

If you are going to ask a question, we ask that you read the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and search the forums first to avoid asking questions that have already been answered.
Please also make sure that you are using the latest version of OpenMPT before asking a question, because what you are asking for might have been implemented or fixed already.

Asking a question

About thread titles, no one benefits from titles such as "HELP ME!!!" or "n00b question". Please, for the sake of other people who are looking for answers to the same question, keep your titles brief, but specific, such as:

How do I change resampling options?
How to save each channel to wave?
How do I use VST instruments? (This one has been covered many times, search the forums and manual for info)

And so on. If you haven't found an answer to your question by searching the forums, feel free to ask, that's why they are here.

After your question has been answered

If you have found a solution to your problem, please add an answer to your thread, so that everyone knows that it has been resolved. If people answer your question, they want to know if the answer was helpful to you, so please do not just reply if their answer was not correct, but also if it was helpful to you. This is not only helpful to us, but also to all other people asking the same question in the future.

Last but not least, have fun with OpenMPT!

Text updated by Saga Musix

Very nice post Squirrel Havoc.

I'd like to add that this is not just on this forum, but on any. If you make a post with a title like: help or anything that is NOT about the subject of your issue, you most likelly won't be helped at all. Why? Because usually those that are willing to help have the following though:

If the poster with the problem can't even do that, he probably don't understand the answer either.

Its like sharing, it needs to come from both sides.

Usually, someone is in dire needs, and quickly makes a post, then starts reading, and probably THEN finds this topic... If so, check your topic again to see if you just did something like this. If so, press the edit button to change your post and the subject accordingly. If you've found out that your question and thereby the answer was found in another topic, feel free to reply on your own topic with: please delete this topic.

A mod or admin will then remove your topic ;)

I find it kind of funny that there are two stickies about searching the forums before posting. Then again, that's just me.


--- Quote from: "speed-goddamn-focus" ---I find it kind of funny that there are two stickies about searching the forums before posting. Then again, that's just me.
--- End quote ---

Yes it's quite ironic. :)
I'll unsticky the older one, let's keep this fresh one nice and visible.

I've added a link to this topic on the main page so new visitors are more eager to do the right thing.


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