How do .IT S3-S5-Commands work?

Started by Nobuo T, March 07, 2006, 00:23:06

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Nobuo T

Hi everyone,

I'm tinkering on my own .it-player and since the standard for .it files isn't really well described anywhere, it's quite often more like a speculation than streight programming.

So here's another one u could probably help me with:
How do these S3x, S4x and S5x-commands work?
I played arround a bit with modplug and it seems to change the waveform for all instruments in one channel? IMHO quite strange implementation - how do I restore the waveform to the default value set in the corresponding sample? (I mean the WaveForm for "AutoVibrato" in ModPlug - don't know how IT uses this variable, but in Jeff Lim's ITTECH.TXT it doesn't say it's for AutoVibrato only...?)
Does anyone know how the original ImpulseTracker handled it?
Is AutoVibrato affectet at all?

And how is it with Panbrello and Tremolo-WaveForm? I presume they also change the WaveForm for one channel only?

Hope someone can enlight me. ;) I'm tired of switching between trackers and PCs just to find out that every crappy player plays my testfiles a different way. :x
If only Jeffrey Lim would care to complete his ITTECH.TXT.  :(


I have no idea about any help in this, but you can find a list of the IT command set here



Nobuo T

I even had some of these files on my HDD and didn't notice. Well, whatever, I now have implemented something very similar to ModPlug.


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Thanks for the format-file. I failed to download the zip.