Severe Crash: When editing samples...

Started by delete12345, May 19, 2010, 06:36:23

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Full Version:
OpenMPT v1.18.00.00

Description of the bug:

When editing samples using the Pencil Tool in the Sample Editor, it will crash.

How often does it happen?:

100% crash.

How to reproduce (step by step description):

1. Run OpenMPT (The test version)
2. Create a new file. Name it whatever you want, it doesn't matter.
3. Click on the Sample tab.
4. Click on the yellow star button near the middle, at the top of the black section. I think it's called "Add silence".
5. Select a portion of the silent waveform by holding down your left mouse button, and drag your mouse across. That portion should be white.
6. Go ahead and click on the Pencil Tool.
7. Click anywhere within the white selection. Or click outside of it.
8. Should crash any moment.


I'm using here but I'm not getting any crash.


Quote from: "Rakib"I'm using here but I'm not getting any crash.

Where did you find that version in the Development Corner?


You can download the code and compile it yourself.


Quote from: "Rakib"You can download the code and compile it yourself.

Well, Jojo, the developer, told me that Modplug won't compile under Visual Studio 2010. And I'm using it.

Guess I should wait until the next test release.

Saga Musix

This is a dupe of this bug report (which has already been fixed), so I'm closing this report. You can get nightly builds from http://sagagames.de/stuff/mptrack.exe - I do not recommend anyone using them unless you really know what you do, though, since they may lead to data loss or incompatibile files every now and then. This is especially when adding new features to the MPTM format, which might be handled completely different in future (final) versions.
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