Why the 'content'-industry fails....

Started by TheEagle, May 09, 2010, 10:50:45

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Saga Musix

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Louigi Verona

Even if there were no ads, teh content industry would fail anyway, I'd tell you.


The problem is that content industry is trying to create a formula to sit down and make money forever.
The cool factor of having one musician in a wedding is not surpassed by a whole orchestra on CD.

Freeware games seem to have more original content.  First person shooters are about the same with different look.  It is a no brainer formula with a cheesy storyline that sells a lot.

Video game sales plunge in April: NPD
Sales of video game hardware and software plunged 26 percent in April, industry tracker NPD said on Thursday, one of the largest declines over the past decade.

Gameworld: Free games lure new players including women, elderly
The video game industry has weathered the economic slowdown better than most industries, but there could be a reason -- free games with new figures showing up to a third of gamers don't pay to play.