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Started by Diamond, March 03, 2006, 09:23:31

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After years I found a .RA to something else converter, while you don't need the whole Real machine on board:
MediaCoder - 15 Mb - Open source.


Well, I'll add what I use nowadays, since I'm actually running a productive Linux system (but no tracker, though):

(I'll edit it with HTML later on with all the websites - right now I have HTML support off)

Midnight Commander - awesome command line (!) file manager, clone of the Norton Commander for DOS, with many functions (like ftp support and mouse support in emulated shells and in real ones with mouse servers running)
// - cool 3d-modelling, animation and rendering suite
// - the appropriate raytracer :)
XChat - great IRC client
WebDownloader4X - nice download manager, though not as good as it's windows counterparts (yet)
MPlayer - video file player
XMMS - audio file player, designed like winAmp 2.x also with mod support through libmodplug :)
- more to come -

- will be added later -

removed unfitting entries
From MST3K episode "Pod People":
   [Tommy shows Trumpy how to work a jigsaw puzzle.]
   Tommy: You see? The pieces go together.
   Joel: Oh, if only this film were so lucky.


As usual all of these are free.

GuildFTPd - FTP server for Windows with a lot of features
HTTrack - Copies entire websites
MJ Registry Watcher - Monitors registry keys and files for changes
Restoration - Undelete utility
RunWithParameters - Context menu add-on to run executables with parameters
PhraseExpress - Automatically expand abbreviations while typing


Norton Commander was the inspiration for Midnight Commander (Linux) as well as for Total Commander (Windows). So TC could be called an equivalent of MC. (I admit that TC is not open source or freeware, but nagware)


WAssociate - Allows you to modify file associations and the context menu


AmbiLoop - Load up to 8 WAV files and combine them/change their tempo to create new loops
VstSeq - Create patterns up to 8 measures long using any VSTi and save them to WAV for use in your projects


WINK is a great piece of software for creating screenshot based FLASH, EXE, HTML or PDF tutorials.


MetaPad - Notpad replacement.
ZynAddSubFX - Kickass multisynth, hopefully teh VSTi will be re-released, if some would light a fire under the devver ;)
Expression Tone Generator - from VoiceSync, old-school math based synth.
HammerHead Rythm Studio - drumbox/sequencer.
SimSynth - old school synth (heh win3.1)
TS-404 - Multitimbral synth, creates short .raw loops useable with MPT, MUST USE 16-BIT SIGNED FORMAT (third option fuzzy right now).
Anim8or - 3d Modeler/Scene editor, kickass prog IMHO.
xoblite/bb4win/bblean/bluebox - kickass alt. shells for windows, i use xoblite B) .
DrumSynth2 - self-explanatory.
Calenz - customizable calendar.
FreeNote - (donationware) post-it app.
more laterz, must sleep :)

No two people are not on fire...AWWW!

Web and Graphic Design just for you!
I r GhostMech on there, forever scouting.


HFS - Http File Server
Hotstepper - Free Drum Machine with 12 channels and WAV export
I can't believe I forgot about that one.  Probably the best freeware Drum Machine I've seen so far.


AVI to WAV - Extract audio from AVI files
HarddiskOgg - Line-In to OGG/MP3/APE/WAV recorder
RTEQ - Real time equalizer


All-Purpose Spell Checker - Universal spell checking for all applications
My AutoHotkey script to automate the process of getting text from and back into edit fields for the spell checker


What happened to sound engine?
Is there any english version...


nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation
ZaraRadio - Radio automation software
Most of the page is in Spanish, but the program is in English.  There's also an older version which supports Winamp DSP plugins.  For some reason they got rid of this feature in the latest versions, but if anyone wants to try it let me know and I'll post a download link.


Quote from: "alpharomeo81"What happened to sound engine?
Is there any english version...
You mean //

Heh, they actually updated! Too bad it's not in english yet, though (try */en for the old english version :P)
From MST3K episode "Pod People":
   [Tommy shows Trumpy how to work a jigsaw puzzle.]
   Tommy: You see? The pieces go together.
   Joel: Oh, if only this film were so lucky.


I'm quite surprised (sorry if I overlooked) to see the absence of XMPlay here so far. It's a versatile player for all kinds of module-formats, with a lot of info-data showing. Even patterns are showed.
It can also save as Wav, included the playback-settings, as MPP can.
Playback of the OGG-format. Here are the plugins to handle FLAC and MIDI too.