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Started by Diamond, March 03, 2006, 09:23:31

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I have found and app that will allow people to run those old 16 bit windows apps on 64 bit Windows, it is called otvdm/winevdm it is available at,


I have found a fork of Timidity++ called Timidity++ 41, it is an experimental build of Timidity++ and it has the ability to use sfz's and dls files as well as sf2's and gus pats and it is available in 64 bits for windows 10 x64 and 32 bits for older versions of windows, it also has the ability to emulate many different midi modules including the MT32, they have also ported the twsyng system synth to 64 bit for windows 10 and it is included.

It is available at, the latest version is available at and all releases can be found at It sounds quieter and less crisp then the original Timidity++ and that is with the same amplification settings, I'm not sure why.

If you find you don't like it, you can download the original edition of Timidity++ at


DSP56300 EMULATION - Emulating the Access Virus C & other virtual analogue synthesizers

Welcome to our site, dedicated to all things Motorola DSP56300.
We are a group of people who are currently Reverse Engineering and Emulating the Motorola DSP563xx

This DSP has been used in plenty of virtual analogue synthesizers and other musical gear that was released after around the mid 90s, such as Access Virus A, B, C, TI / Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Waldorf Q, Microwave II / Novation Supernova, Nova and many others.

Please read these instructions carefully to save our Discord Server from being overloaded with questions regarding the setup of the emulator

MPT-FR ° .^o GRAVOS ° MC ° SC1 ° SC2

Saga Musix

Aaah, the DSP56k series, quite an interesting platform to program for... ;)

Speaking of emulating old things, 8bitbubsy has recently released an accurate port of the IT replayer engine to C:
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ToneBoosters have released their V3 VST's for free.  These are VST2.

Scroll down to 'Where can I find older (v3) plug-ins? and expand with the down arrow on right.  There will be some links for Windows, MacOS, and the manuals.


life is darker than it seems


I have found an interesting piece of software for do stereo source separation, for instance you can extract vocals or the drum beat from an audio recording, you can also use this software to extract all musical instruments and vocals from an old mono music recording from the 30's, 40's and 50's and remix all the parts into a now Stereo version, the software is called ISSE (ISSE : An Interactive Source Separation Editor) and it is available for download at and and you can read more in depth info on it at, it was written and produced by N. J. Bryan, G. J. Mysore, G. Wang. The website of Nicholas J. Bryan Senior Research Scientist Audio Research Group, Adobe Research San Francisco, CA, is available at, here is a YouTube video that explains it


Here is a good piece of free software called Resource Hacker, it is for editing (decompiling and compiling) software resources such as dll's, exe's, etc. With this software you can change the icons, splash screen and about screen graphics of OpenMPT to your own personal tastes, for instance maybe you prefer the old ModPlug/OpenModPlug icons and graphics or you have custom versions that you want to use, with this software you can make such modifications. You can also use it to do the same for other software as well. It is perfect for people who don't know how to modify and compile source code, but want to change graphical elements of a piece of software.

Note: This software is freeware but not open-source.

I have also found another program that is open source that looks like it does the same thing it is called "XN Resource Editor"


I have found free binaries of Ardour 6.9 for windows that someone uploaded to the Internet Archive at, I'm assuming that they are full version binaries and not the crippled demo version. There was a good discussion on this topic at (the Free Your Builds Internet Archive address in the thread is a different one, it does not have Ardour 6.9)


AirWindows VST plug-ins.

Lots of good VST2 Plug-ins with no GUI. 

Drum samples in WAV formats.  Snares, kicks, and hats.  All very good quality.

Rickenbacker bass SFZ and Renoise Instrument is available as well.  Some really good bass sounds in here!

Links on left side to downloads.

Source Code here :

and the Patreon page if you would like to support is :


MPT-FR ° .^o GRAVOS ° MC ° SC1 ° SC2


Boy thanks for those AirWindows GUI-Less Schmitty2005...

Been doin some beat matching by hand to ID pitch & BPM for short guitar chips & chops.

Found Tuningfork very nice for pitch tuning or checking Win32 portable EXE-

Also good metronome for listening & matching BPM for labeling...This is PC9 Free Metronome from the Chordpulse people but not available currently but is on the wayback machine...You can uniextract the EXE or just install then copy the directory anywhere it will run portable Win32-

If you use a photoshop clone or PS itself this is the modern updated FREE photoshop killer tightly coded just recently updated last month...

Better than PS better than GIMP in so many ways-


Cardinal Modular Synth

Cardinal is a free and open-source virtual modular synthesizer plugin, available as CLAP, LV2, VST2 and VST3 audio plugin for FreeBSD, Linux, macOS and Windows.
Plus AU and JACK or Native audio standalone for some systems.
It is based on the popular VCV Rack but with a focus on being a fully self-contained plugin version.

It contains over 1000 open-source modules

I'm the BLACK KNIGHT. I'm designing Text-Based GUI, see my header hacks


An open-source file compression program I wrote is called BWTC32Key available here, and its files have a .B3K extension.

Also, an open-source music program I recommend is JummBox. One of many reasons why I like it is it having chiptune versions of the GM patches. Of course, I did a FOSS sf2 of it (here or here) (It's under CC-BY-SA4, which is GPL3-compatible. Said SF2 actually pairs great with OpenMPT.

Also open-source VST plugins in my opinion are something I find to be more likeable than black box VSTs for which no code is available, so if an architecture or OS change happens, you can't use those plugins. With an open-source VST, you can recompile them if something changes.
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I know VLC can play tracker music and its somewhat the player I go to. Its not much but it does work, there's also classic media player hang on

But you will have to use the codec pack in klite to get a modern updated one