Update on SourceForge more often?

Started by Rakib, April 16, 2010, 10:37:50

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The latest release on SourceForge is now getting very old, it's been almost 300 commits since the last release. The Software has gotten a lot better (thnx to Saga and Relabsoluness).

That's why it worries me that so few people is getting to know all the new features. The latest version on SourceForge is and it has been downloaded over 40 000 times (WOW!), but they are getting the outdated version. The latest commits are stable and much better.

So please put up a new version to download.

Saga Musix

QuoteSo please put up a new version to download.
Distributing software is about more things than just uploading a new .exe file. Relabs is working on a new distribution package, but when it will be available online is unknown.

QuoteThe latest commits are stable and much better.
I would have said that myself about the release as well, until Relabs found a very critical bug. I always use the latest revision of OpenMPT, and still, I don't spot every regression in the program. Hence, a good release requires quite some effort and is not just about replacing an old file. But we'll work on getting new releases out more often.
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