Petition to make JAWS for Windows screen reader lease-to-own

Started by Diamond, March 28, 2010, 02:03:36

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please, think out of the box.

you are fixed upon one solution.


Quote from: "uncloned"please, think out of the box.

you are fixed upon one solution.

I am not fixed upon any solution.  I was simply stating an opinion.  Besides, even if your suggestion had merit, I can't begin to imagine how I could personally  make it happen.

Louigi Verona

QuoteWe might not be, corporations are certainly are. Actually their core purpose is to accumulate as much money as possible. If we are facing with a given problem, we cannot only view it from our perspective, but we need to do it from other ones too. Corporations dont care about you, or how well are you, or how happy are you, but only that you buy their product or not. You are a consumer robot. If you consume their product, everything is fine, if you dont, then they will check what is wrong with the model, possible will bomb you with advertising and similar tricks that may lead you to consume, or will try to rework their marketing, make their product better. If they will still not success, the company will die out.

You cannot win over capitalism with brute force or "kind hearted" attacks, they are already way too powerful. The biggest corporations (like Shell example) can buy any politicians if they want, they can eat you with their little finger, you need to play your cards smart and try "outsmart" the whole system, or play by their card and do your business on a way, that applies to the given rules.

Your main view is that one should just accept they way things are and play by the existing rules. This passive stance is, in my opinion, not always useful, if ever.

Also, you say that corporations are not people and they do not care about you.
Corporations consist of people. They are not faceless. Being a corporation just allows to water down the responsibility. If the corporation does something extremely negative to the society, you cannot really point to any specific person and a clerk working in such a company does not really feel responsible.
But he should. And each person working in such a company is actually responsible fully for everything that a company does. It only takes courage to admit it. And when a person realizes it, he has a choice of either stopping of living in an illusion and admit that he is working against other people or else leave the company.

The fact that companies care less about people and only view everybody as consumers means that people who make these companies basically hold the same views, even if they do not believe it, their actions, their everyday lives serve this purpose.

So being a person of a pure conscience and honest to oneself is the only solution to the problem. Playing by rules of capitalism and formalism to solve problems is a dead-end method.


Quote from: "uncloned"you didn't fully read what I wrote.

there is a history of MS buying program to include in Windows.

indeed, including non-PC software or OS..