Sending MIDI events through macros

Started by plantseeds, February 22, 2006, 06:49:14

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Hi there,

Reading through the forums, I have read that it is possible to send MIDI events to plugins through macros in OpenMPT. Does this include CC's? I have a VSTi that allows control via MIDI commands 7 and 10 (volume and pan), and I am wondering if it is somehow possible to automate these commands via a custom macro or something (it does not publish any VST parameters at all.)

I've been using the dry mix and other VSTs to control dynamics so far, but it would be nice if I could use MIDI commands, as my VSTi operates with different instruments on several MIDI channels, which I would like to control separately.

Thanks a bunch.


Yes you can, but you'll need a recent development build to do so easily. You can bind a macro to a midi CC in the Zxx window. The interface should be fairly intuitive (at least I hope so cos I can't remember the exact steps off hand :) ), yell if not.

Which plugin is this? PlugSound? I always find it odd when VST plugs don't expose VST params.


It's actually very easy.  Go to the pattern editor and click on the Zxx macro button.  Check the SFx button that you want to use to control the parameter.  Under 'Type', select 'Control Plug-in Parameter'.  You will then open a list of loaded plug-in's and the parameters you can adjust (this is a nice feature of 1.17RC2).  Select what you want to control, make sure 'save config with song' is checked and click OK.

SFx will set the macro for that channel, Zxx and /xx (smooth) will set the parameter value.  You can also select the whole column and 'right-click>visualize effect' to draw the effect changes.


Quote from: "Bubblenugget"You will then open a list of loaded plug-in's and the parameters you can adjust (this is a nice feature of 1.17RC2).
Thanks - he was specifically asking about MIDI CCs, not plugin params, but the steps should be the same... except you'll need v1.17.02.37 or later.

Quote from: "Bubblenugget"Zxx and /xx (smooth)
It's \xx ;).


Quote from: "rewbs"It's \xx ;).

Damn, got me :D


Hmm, I'm using 1.17RC2 (August 20th), and I don't see anything in the Zxx window offhand. Nothing that screams "MIDI CC" at me, at any rate :)

The particular plugin I'm talking about is the Edirol Orchestral VST. There are a few others that do this too (I think anything using Kontakt Player?), but it's more of an issue on one like this, since it works on multiple channels.

Thanks for the help.

Edit: Oh, nevermind--I misunderstood. Works wonderfully! Thanks.