[DECLINED] Record Params input type

Started by Harbinger, February 20, 2010, 18:25:06

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Would like to see an option for the input that Record Params enters in MPTM tracks. In 1.18, Record Param enters a PCE, but since many of us still find a use for Zxx macros, that option would be helpful. Perhaps the Record Params menu item can have a submenu: Enter as Zxx, \xx. PC, or PCS.

Saga Musix

Closing this as there is absolutely no point in implementing this. If you want your CC messages to be recorded as Zxx macros, then you can already do so by simply not checking the "Pattern Record" and "Capture" checkboxes at all!
The whole point of MIDI Mapping is to bind CCs to certain VST parameters -- if you want to record a CC as a Zxx value, you explicitely opt out of the advantage that MIDI Mapping gives you and you end up with the same way as CCs have always been recorded into patterns (given that "Record MIDI Controller changes" is checked in the MIDI setup).
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