Modplug Tracker 1.16 Build Error

Started by Really Weird Person, February 16, 2010, 00:15:37

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Really Weird Person

Hmmm, that is not going to work. So much for the pattern break. It would appear that the rows follow the same weird 65,535 (which is more like 65,472 because I would want the row quantity to be divisible by 64, obviously) rule as the patterns. Although since:

1. I am not exactly sure how I would need to make the increases happen (even though modifying ModSequence.h is said to be easy, though that came from a developer, so that would seem reasonable) and
2. I had read that trying to "fix" this would break the program,

I guess that it would be considered a situation of "keep dreaming, buddy" or "that was wishful thinking."

Hmmm, I am using 65,472 (1,023 × 64) rows now (and 65,535 patterns). That equals 67,042,305. That is a net loss of 65,535 patterns (for that scale), whew. It is, however, a net gain of 66,002,305 patterns from the previous 1,040,000, so I guess that I cannot complain. Hmmm, so much for that. The row thing is simply not working. It is back to 1,024 because I tried saving a song with patterns larger than that, but it did not work.

It also appears that you were correct, Jojo, I tried modifying some of the files to make the limits work, but it was to no avail. I kind of wish that I could use those, but perhaps that will come with time.

OK, this is weird. I opened my song that contains the 65,472 row patterns and it seems to have worked, but when I tried to save it earlier, it did not. Maybe it will have trouble this time. I will see in a little bit though. When I opened another instance of the song, it worked just fine. I will try 65,536 again. And the verdict is (drumrolls):  It does not work (but 65,535 does). Unfortunately, 65,536 is the number that is divisible by 64, not 65,535 :().